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Venture Capital, Accelerators & Angel Investors/ Syndicates

Identify Red Flags; Empower your portfolio with actionable & structured strategy 

Set yourself apart as the 'Smart Money'

Structured frameworks for strategic clarity let you leverage transparent & data-informed decisions for investment & Inspired mentorship.

Leverage quantified decision-making that is both real-time and transparent to align internally with clarity on the nuance around the startups' level of customer understanding and the team capability.

Confidence in your portfolio

Automate how quickly you can understand and interview. Assess the depth to which the founders understand the problem, feasibility and the viability of the product.

Once you've bought into the founding team, help scale your ability to make impact on the future success rates of your portfolio.

Enhance your pipeline prioritization with the previously traditionally unscalable hands-on support that sets the smartest money apart from the crowd.

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